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Name:Watching Out For Teabaggers
Location:United States of America
Website:Where the shit began
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Teabaggers must be scrutinized and considered hostile to American Citizens.

Several posts of mine (the moderator) have noted that there are several parallels to the Teabaggers and the Nazi Party of Germany almost a hundred years ago.

"Blah blah, Godwin" oh fuck you, die, go blog about what a dick I am. This is not a Godwin. There are literally exact similarities between the Neo-Tea-Party idiots and the folks who rallied behind the Nazis. Even Hitler's speeches bear extreme parallels to those of Glenn Beck. The Nazi party should have taught us all a lesson, but the only lesson people seem to have come away with is "OH, THOSE NAZIS WERE INHUMAN MONSTERS AND WE COULD NEVER BE THAT BAD BECAUSE WE'RE NOT NAZIS."

The Nazi party was made up of regular human beings like you and me. Hitler put his pants on one leg at a time, like you and me. The folks throwing the Heil salute were just people supporting their politicians/country, just like you or me.

We should have learned that racist and nationalist dialogues that band people together through fear are a poison that can destroy families, countries, entire bloodlines. But we did not.

For those of you taking umbrage at my use of the word Teabagger, go fuck yourself. You morons used the term first. You will be Teabaggers forever. You will forever be associated with having testicles dipped in your mouths and bonked on your foreheads. Get over it, grow the fuck up, realize you're a racist asshat, and move the fuck on.

This is a community to post stories, preferably news links, showing just how idiotic the Teabaggers are. Go ahead and join, even if you're not sure how to post such things - it's not hard. They give a daily plethora of news that highlights just how idiotic, narrow-minded, racist, hardcore right-wing wanna-be christian they are.

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